Once the tank has been installed, we offer contractual service coverage as agreed. At present, the capacity of the company is 80%, and thus the new orders - thinking with the tank that the client has already been running - are properly considering whether or not to perform the service in order to guarantee our clients the maximum quality of services. Therefore, it is possible that after the technical inspection of the order we decide not to service the service.
We will charge a service trip to Prague for 1 800 CZK without VAT (85 Euro incl. VAT), including transport.

Emergency exit

In the case of acute diseases, we are able to dispatch the technique within 2 hours to the destination and to administer the drug. Laboratory tests can be done within 24 hours. Exit price 3 000 CZK without VAT.
Tests of water, fish, plants, cyanobacteria, etc. ... paid for the specification (1 500 - 10 000 CZK without VAT).

Rental of exhibition tanks

We make lending of aquarium sets for corporate purposes to long-term one-day terms. If you think about something like this, please contact us without hesitation and we will be happy to provide you with the details.

Individual imports and retention of fish according to the client's wish

We do our utmost to meet, if it is legal and possible, we try to fulfill the order.